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Cheap European Flights

Cheap European Flights


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Have you always wanted to visit Europe, were were putt off by the cost? Wanted to visit a loved one, or go there to study or do business?

Well, this is the perfect site to make all your travelling dreams come true!

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At, you can get the cheapest flights, and find accommodation that suits your budget, all in one! Plus tons of other travelling tips and tricks, and special deals that will save you even more money! And are you looking for accommodation as well?

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Eiffel Tower on a rainy day.

You are most probably just like me – wanting to travel since I was little, I have to see the world. I mean, what is going on around the next corner? How do those people live, what do they do?

And because of this passion, I have learnt a lot and gathered a lot of travelling tips. Tips that saved me a lot of money – but not only money, but time as well. And frustration.

I have made many friends, and networked with a lot of people in the right places.

So, please join my newsletter and allow me to share this info with you. Then, share your tips with us – and lets make the world a better place!    ;-)))

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Here I am in Venice – pizza and beer, baby!

Europe is just around the corner – and its calling you! Joine me, and learn to fly like a guru, with lots of money to spend. Money that you saved by using Cheap European Flights.

Imagine you involve your friends, or your loved one, and you could all experience it together! What wonderful experiences will make memories you will have for life? Just think – tales you could tell your grand children!

Or, pay a loved one a surprise European visit!

If you have itinerary to Europe, it’s better for you to finding the best deal for European flights. Finding cheap European flights is the trick to save money for your trip to europe. You can use that money for enjoying the places while visiting Europe: Parisian cafes, eiffel tower ticket, fashion shopping in Milan, cover charge to some museum and attractions, So, your adventures will be more memorable. And, you can tell more to your family or your friends about your trip. You can save hundread of dollars if you have patience to compare some airlines for deals and book at the right time.

Here are the tips to get cheap flights to Europe:

1. Schedule your trip for the lowly season, this is the smartest way to save your money. Ussually, flights between november and march, excluding the holiday season are half of the price the same flights duting the summer months.

2. Three months before your trip, you should start looking for flights because the most affordable deals necessitate early booking. And, the ticket prices will be raise at final two weeks before flights leave.

3. Check websites, such as: Expedia ( ), Travelocity ( ), and the like to compare the best deals of some airlines which is you may get for your dates of trip. There are some sites that specialize in the discount international flights, for example: Vayama ( You can check it out too.

4. Try to keep your european destionation as flexible as possible, because some cities are less expensive to fly to than others. 

5. Try to Keep your travel dates as flexible as possible because a flight may be cheaper late in the week rather than early in the week, or contrariwise.

6. Subscribe for email alerts when flight prices drop. Some airlines offer this service. It can help you to get the cheapest airfare.

With the tips above you can find the cheap european flights.

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Flying to Europe requires extensive budgeting and proper planning especially if you are not familiar with the continent. Travelling to Europe via airways can be a costly affair but there are various ways on how to fly cheaply to Europe and get the best offers available. Thanks to the modern transportation system connecting Europe, tourists can now land in a certain country in Europe and be in another country far away within the continent in a matter of hours. Airlines are also very competitive hence it makes it easier for one to get fare discounts while travelling to Europe.

Flying to Europe during the summer can be expensive compared to spring hence it is recommended for travelers to book a plane during fall in order to get the best ticket offers. Comparing different airlines fares using highly recognized systems such as Airfarewatchdog, Skyscanner and Farecompare can be convenient in showing you the cheapest tickets available to Europe. Due to constant change in airfares, travelers should regularly check their emails once they have subscribed to fare comparing systems to avoid missing out on a window of opportunity once the fares hit a low-down.

Identifying a specific city in Europe where the fare is lower than other destinations can be a significant option on how to fly cheaply to Europe. Once you land on the specified city, you can connect to the final travelling destination via railways or domestic flights which offer cheaper fares. Though it is only advised to take that route when travelling to the final destination is more costly than connecting through different places in Europe.

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Some vacation package deals that include accommodation may be cheaper than air travelling to Europe inclusive of hotel fees. However, it is best to consider vacation package deals only when it may cut down the cost of airfares. Carrying too much luggage may prove to be expensive since a certain threshold of luggage weight can be charged for airline transportation.

If you want to make a trip to abroad first of all you need to know about the flights.Here we are going to give you some information about how to get the cheap flights to Europe.There are many websites by which you can find cheap flights to Europe and also can book tickets .

Skyscanner is one of them,by this you can search flights simply and fast.You can compare the low price flights to European countries book tickets by agency and airline sites if date is flexible.

Expedia, its also help you to find your expectations by providing you the information, tools, and search engines.It’s work on the all major airlines from USA to Europe.Simply you give the information about your city of origination and your destination then Expedia do the rest.

Studentunivers gives a exclusive low cost offer for students for vacation or a semester abroad in which all taxes and fees includes except some certain taxes .Flights price vary by date.

Ryanair is a Irish airline,which is one of the largest low cost airlines.It is the first European low cost airline before the British company easyJet.

Lufthansa Flights to Europe offer you a exclusive low cost offer in which all taxes,fees are included in your tickets. will also help you to find easily the world’s low cost flights to Europe. 

Farecompare also help you to find out the cheapest flights.It offers many exclusive offer depending on different occasions.All taxes and fees are included in your tickets.

opodo will offer you many discounts in your trip to Europe from UK.You can compare this with many flights and you will find this cheap and simple to book.Tickets are included all taxes and fees.

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Budget flights to European destinations can save you both time and money, since airways were deregulated way back in the 90s a variety of cheap airline companies have entered and taken control of the industry. Some of the most established service providers in this sector are Ryanair and easyJet, though their tickets are affordable they have efficient route maps that can rival even the mainstream competitors. Passengers can search online for the official websites of these companies to get more information about the flight packages on offer. Nevertheless, most of them offer tickets at prices of between 50 and $250. Ryanair, for instance, flies from London to various cities around Europe at less than $30 a ticket. 

To enjoy the lowest prices to your favorite destination, it’s advisable to book well in advance and avoid the last minute rush which is characterized by hiked prices. Also note that the cheapest 2nd and 3rd class seats tend to sell out fast, leaving the pricier ones for latecomers, the more reason why you should always endeavor to be amongst the first people to buy air tickets. Furthermore, some airlines have budget-conscious luggage price schedules that vary based on factors like, the amount of bags one is carrying, weight and whether the owner pre-booked online. Prices vary from only $20 for small bags that are booked during offseason, to $180 for bigger ones that may be booked at peak season. 

When searching online on where to get cheap airfares? Remember to use appropriate keywords and also include the city that you want to visit, for instance: cheap flights Amsterdam’ should give you a list of airlines that only operate through this route. Other popular budget-conscious flight companies that fly across Europe include Air One, Aer Lingus, airBaltic, Blue Air and Brussels Airlines. Traveler can also look for discount offers and promotions offered by the flight company, by following these tips you can save money the next time you travel to Europe.

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Thanks for being here!

Adriaan Louw


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